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So today i’ll talk about some ‘different’ instruments.
Have you ever heard of a Hurdy Gurdy? No? I thought so. It’s a wood-wind/string instrument, and is worked with a crank, and a wheel that vibrates strings much like a violin.
This instrument has a completely unique sound and is super ancient. It has been around for a few thousand years, and is of ancient European origin, made in, well, Europe.
It is fairly expensive and works in a way like no other instrument, being possibly one of the most complex instruments on earth.
It has a super ‘strange’ sound, but is still really nice to listen to, especially when accompanied by a bagpipe.
This ‘Hurdy Gurdy’ is worth about $1,300 AT THE VERY LEAST, and is used in a large amount of folk, folk metal and classical music.
Here’s a few pics, ~Nexus
Hurdy 01 hurdy3 hurdy-gurdy-close-up-e1310588111788-940x628 images

One thought on “What do you think?

  1. Ha! My good sir you are wrong! I have infact heard of a “hurdy gurdy” and have basic knowledge on the workings of said instrument, but, this post improved what I know about it! I say, jolly good show, old bean.

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