The Bagpipe

As you may know, the Bagpipe is a wind instrument that consists of a large bag that is inflated with air and one or more mouthpieces.
The bag is inflated either by the player’s own breath or by using bellows. The player squeezes the bag to let out air, and the chanter to determine the notes that come out, while keeping the reservoir bag full of air. This usually requires the player to be able to circular breathe (a motion in which the player breathes out through the mouth and in through the nose at the same time).
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The Bagpipe takes a lot of practice to be able to play well, and takes several years of practice on a chanter to even get a steady note.
The earliest records of existing Bagpipes dates back to around 1000 BC in the Middle East.
The most commonly played Bagpipes are from Scotland, Ireland, and North Africa.

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