Let’s write a song!

I’d like to make this page a little more interactive.
I’ve come to the conclusion that because this page is about music, we should all collaborate in the production of a song.
I require people to comment some lyrics (preferably four lines per person) and I shall arrange them into a chorus and several verses.
The lyrics can be whatever you want, provided the content is appropriate and meets general standards of maturity.

Anyway, please comment ASAP. I’ll post the song when it’s complete and I have enough material.

4 thoughts on “Let’s write a song!

  1. Hi Jacob,
    here’s my contribution…pretty corny, and I won’t be offended if you don’t use it!!

    Sunset over forest,
    Moonrise over sea,
    Mist gliding down the river,
    My home and the seasons give to me.

  2. Here is mine Jacob
    It’s the truth Dawg!!

    I’m really good at Dota using Sniper and Riki!
    I’ll stay invis and mop the floor after my team has died
    I am so pro i am carry with 900 goddamn range
    WARDED, COUNTERED! SOooooooooooooo Freaaaaakiiiinnnnn SQUISHY!!! the end

  3. my sweg lyric:

    swag swag swag, (swag swag swag]

    i do the best quikskopes in the world,
    all da skrubs bow down to da king,
    i have 2000 prestige on cod,
    i am da best at everything,

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