On to business….

So as you may or may not know, this blog deals with the fact that modern day pop music has little merit.
You might hear your elders say things like, “This music is so trashy, not like in my day”, or “Why isn’t she wearing any clothes at her own concert?”
The theme and moral of music seems to be changing. People look to the past, but all they do is steal a bass line and change a few things to make it ‘unique’. These days there seems to be very little in the way of chord changes, individuality, and meaning.
Well, maybe I should be a little more clear. I’ll admit that modern pop has meaning, but the underlying moral seems to be “tonight”.
Now, this might include things that will happen on this night, such as, well, things teens and young adults might do on a weekend or holiday. Theses things should be obvious, and I shan’t state them for general appropriateness.

Now, why not explore some other options of music.
Music comes in all different sorts of shapes, colors and sounds. Today, a large number of bands use synthesizers, a tool that creates sounds electronically, and these sounds are used in music. Pop artists use these, along with dubstep artists. (But let’s be real here guys; pop singers, in my opinion anyway, have VERY little in the way of skills. The composer does all the work, along with the producer, and the “artist” just has to put on a skimpy or expensive outfit, do some cool dance moves, and sing in their cute little voices.)
Now I’m still a dubstep supporter, but synthesizers seem to be abused these days.
If you look at rock’n roll, or metal, or even folk, (folk has some of the most traditional and, might I add, best instruments around) have a lot more life, a lot more meaning, and, well, more skill.
Playing a guitar, bass, drum, keyboard, singing, they use most of the same things, but at a pace and with numerous chord and tempo changes, always keeping the song alive and not necessarily happy, but just generally good.

If you look at the majority of metal, death metal, folk metal, melodic/symphonic death metal, thrash and black metal artists, they have this tendency to “Scream” the lyrics to a song. Now, some bands do this poorly, while others are pure amazing. It is so much harder for someone to do this screaming thing than to sing those pop songs about pretty girls and hot guys, the “Tonight” thing.
These metal bands actually play guitar solo’s and have a bass line that has more than three different chords in it.
Most of the time they will use a keyboard for their synthesizing, and the guitarists are, well, metal.

I should end this on a happy notion, but I won’t.
I firmly state that folk, metal and rock have a much higher standard of quality than modern pop, of which the artists just steal songs instead of making them from scratch.